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Winter Moves and Moods

Don’t put off buying or selling a home just because it’s dark & cold outside! Many people may see the cold winter months as the “off season.” Yes it’s cold and yes it gets dark at 5:30pm. It’s ok! Take advantage of this for a couple of reasons!

Baby it’s cold outside! This means sellers & buyers may wait until spring to make any kind of move. This may be to YOUR advantage. This may mean less chance of a bidding war. If you’ve been in that situation you may appreciate that angle for sure.

Winter time could also make it easier to hire a contractor if you need to do any renovations or repairs. Get all those interior projects done during the cold weather so you can enjoy the spring/summer/fall weather outdoors! Even if you have exterior projects, I’m always on board for that just to be outside to get some vitamin D.

We all have resolutions to fulfill. 2021 was a difficult time for everyone so why not jump into 2022 with hope and enthusiasm of buying a new home? We tend to get down and a bit depressed here in Ohio due to the lack of sunshine. I can think of so many things to do to get us out of that slump!

  1. Buy a new home! You can always hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting. Sometimes these companies even have discounts in the cold months. Score!

  2. I know it gets old trying to figure out what to make for dinner…EVERY DAY! It can be depressing too! It’s dark when you leave for work and dark when you get home from work. Cooking is the last thing we want to worry about. I find if I try new recipes it really changes up my mood! My family enjoys it too. Get them involved in cooking as well. Over the holiday I decided that I was going to make something I’ve never made before, Crème Brulée. I was definitely on a mission when I decided to make this. I needed these neat little ramekin dishes and enough for 10 people. Ok so I’m old school and didn’t go on Amazon to have them delivered to my doorstep, instead we had a planned trip to Chicago just before Christmas so I thought I would shop till I drop in the Windy City! We looked in antique stores, Williams Sonoma and several other stores. I almost gave up and thought I would have to go with a Plan B for my Christmas dessert. I went into a neat store called Anthropology. I was having fun picking up a couple candles and a few unique sweaters for gifts and I looked over and saw not only ramekins, but RED ramekins! 10 of them that were 30% off! Score!! This dessert is so easy to make and everyone was impressed with the beauty of it and the flavor. One miner thing I failed to purchase was a small kitchen torch to harden the sugar on top. No problem, I just stuck them under the broiler in the oven. Oh, and I also topped it off with fresh plump raspberries. Yum! FYI, on Christmas Day, one of my kids went online and ordered me a small kitchen torch. Today it was delivered to my door step! My son has a birthday on January 24th and I will be making this amazing dessert again! Per his request!

  3. Don’t take down those string lights just yet! It sure makes me in a good mood all year long! Or put out candles to set a good mood! They even offer battery operated candles with a remote. I have them all over my home and yes it makes me super happy! As I’m writing this, my daughter called me on the phone to discuss her day and was excited to tell me that the candle that I got her at Anthropology in Chicago is the most amazing scent she has ever smelled. The scent is evergreen citrus. It not only smells good but on the wooden lid it has 4 beautiful snowy evergreens to make her home look festive. She also has candles burning on a regular basis and her boyfriend loves coming home to her candles not only for the scent but for the mood that it puts him in. He says that it’s a cozy homey thing for him. He is so sweet!

  4. Another thing that gets me in a good mood (any time of the year) is any furry animal! Whether it’s petting an animal or simply just watching them on Facebook. Yep, I belong to many animal FB groups. My husband often looks over at me when I’m on my phone and immediately knows I’m watching my animal FB groups due to my big smile or because I’m literally giggling! Try it! Guaranteed to make you smile! We have a chocolate lab named Moses aka MoMo or Big Mo. We absolutely love him! He was brought to our home 2 years ago just temporarily as a favor for his master that moved from apartment to apartment usually not able to have pets so this sweet dog had no stability. We took him in with no hesitation. Did I mention that this sweet dog has 3 legs? Yes he has a handicap and I was just heart broken to think that he was in and out of many homes. He lost his leg about 6 or 7 years ago due to an accident. He has adapted very well. Actually about 2 months after living here I discovered that he loves to take walks! Short & sweet of course. He wags his tail and is the happiest dog on earth on his walks! He does not have a RUFF life anymore!

I’m anxiously inviting you to call and come visit me at one of our offices to discuss your real estate needs. I’m always happy to help you reach your goals of selling or buying a home. I would love to hear your wants or needs and look forward to helping you reach your goals.

I really hope I can uplift any seasonal MOODS by my fun suggestions and hope to inspire anyone to make a MOVE at any time of the year!

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